Branding is key to success. Understanding the difference between your mission (whether as a company or an author, artist, singer, creative) and vision is also vital to success. Sometimes branding is a logo and consistent information. Other times it’s far more work. Asking yourself who you want to be seen ‘as’ instead of who you are in your pajamas, writing at your desk all day, is going to make a difference in your public persona.

To start, I assist in coming up with the vision (end goal). Sometimes we just need some fine tuning here, other times far more. Then I help with the mission (the where to start) side of the process. We all have to begin somewhere, but having an end goal is important to knowing what steps need to be taken to get there. Coming up with taglines (I stick to two or three words usually), then words you want people to think of you or your company, then incorporating that into your vision and mission is a major first step.

Then there’s color schemes, images, how often you want to engage online (which is why I post for so many people, as this is time-consuming and I’ve got this down to an art), what real-life experiences can you cross with your professional self/persona to help readers/fans/followers connect over, and so forth. These are all the elements of success that often times get overlooked.

For some clients, I simply aligned all the social media appearances and then I post on scheduled days the preapproved content. I don’t come up with the content, but I post it and watch for cross-promotion opportunities.

For other clients, I go much further. I assist from the initial vision/mission process, to building the website, to setting up social media accounts and sharing, to researching places to attend/submit work/promote, and this goes on. Really, I coach as much as possible to get the client where they’d like to be. I’m also flexible as needs change.

One example I like to give clients is how I went about releasing a short story, having a reading/Q&A session, and did a figure modeling gig at a sex/body-positive studio and how combining these things and writing about my feelings, healing my body shaming, and growth around it all, gained me a lot of followers. It gave my readers a chance to see deeper into me and that went beyond my fiction writing. The studio released my book info along with their promotions, so it got a much larger reach than it would have otherwise. These are the sorts of events I speak with clients about to see if there are ways of reaching multiple people at once and gaining new readers.

Below are some samples of branding and matching media content. There was much more at play here, but these are images to illustrate what I mean.

The process isn’t nearly as difficult when you have assistance. Whether that be a consultation phone call to bounce ideas, or a much larger process, branding yourself as a public persona as opposed to what you write/illustrate/create means you have more wiggle room with what you do. You aren’t locked into just one area but instead, anything that falls under your persona.

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