Cascade Writers

Immediate Past President – Cascade Writers   08/2018 – 8/2020

  • Advise current President and Vice President during position transitions
  • Voting member of the Board of Directors

President – Cascade Writers    11/2014 – 08/2018 

  • Run daily tasks for nonprofit writing org, including scheduling/leading meetings, sending email, making phone calls
  • Find venues, create budgets, interview and hire volunteers
  • Track events via excel sheets on attendance, demographics, and various information
  • File annual reports with Dept. of Rev and IRS
  • Write articles, create advertisements (written and graphic), social media, website
  • Schedule hotel stays, flights, and food plans for speakers
  • Manage multiple events at once
  • Locate funding sources and grants

Head of Programming – Cascade Writers    03/2011 – 8/2017 

  • Create dynamic and inclusive programming for events based on budget
  • Research authors, agents, and editors for potential workshops
  • Invite high-level speakers and workshop leaders and stay in contact
  • Document feedback on programming for each event, what worked and did not
  • Manage event Leads to ensure proper planning, running of the event, and follow-up

Sample Events: 

The Business and Craft of Writing

Editors and Agent – Critiques & Craft Workshop

Todd McCaffrey Masterclass: Outlining techniques for novels

John Scalzi –Presented in partnership with Tacoma Public Library

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