Meeting Your Written, Social Media, and Branding Needs.

Having a central message to build your company or personal platform around is vital to success. Without that, communications can get jumbled and lead to directions you may not want to go. This is especially true with social media. With so many platforms, it’s easy to lose cohesion between sites. I assist clients with developing a brand and staying consistent with their message.

For years, I’ve assisted companies and freelancers with their social media and branding needs. This looks different depending on the needs of the client, but this can include simple assistance with social media posting, to aligning all online platforms so they reflect the same theme, to making social media memes that fit different guidelines for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The result is a clean look and feel, with consistent information.

Many of my clients choose to remain anonymous for various reasons, but below are some examples of memes I’ve made for companies. You can find more of these under the Media Solutions tab.

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