Areas of consultation or coaching:


  • Feedback and assistance with nonfiction book proposals
  • Assistance with prepping and editing query letter
  • Creation and/or editing of synopsis
  • Edit articles, and fiction or nonfiction books/novellas/novelettes
    • development, content, line edits, proofreading
  • Write for websites, pamphlets, and other random writing jobs
  • Reach out to industry professionals on behalf of the client
  • Accountability coaching, support in setting and meeting goals
  • Public relations, including scheduling interviews, events, and appearances

Social Media

  • Create social media posts for individuals or companies
  • Give cross-promotion and cross-platform ideas to clients
  • Post on behalf of clients, focusing on pre-approved content and central themes
  • Create memes and engaging ads
  • Assist with platform consistency so branding is recognized


  • For authors
    • Assist with endgame vision
    • Set goals to reach the desired endgame
    • Work with client for theme consistency
    • Create author logo or font
    • Consulting on the difference between author brand and series brand
  • For companies
    • Work with clients to develop a mission and vision statement
    • Assist with logo, letterhead, business cards, and other design needs
    • Create taglines that grab the attention of the target audience
    • Help to identify target audience
    • Ensure theme consistency
    • Create memes and social media content that align with brand

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